Love Breaks.. ! (Part II)

Excuse me; can you please let me know where the Techs Mart limited is?

Um... go to the fifth floor.

Thank you.

(Grr.. this lift doesn’t seems like coming down, been there at 13th floor for long time, may be since it’s already 5:00 pm and people have just started to leave office, let me use the stair case, I just don’t have any patience now..)

(There it is! Techs mart Limited, oh, I’m already sweating, and do l look good? I wish all my sweat doesn’t create any adverse effect on my face makeup)

Madam, where are you going, whom should you, meet?

Well I have come here to meet shyam, it’s urgent.

Okay, first please fill up this register, write you name, purpose of visit, your address, time in, Name of the person you want to visit?

Actually, it’s urgent, I know him very well, infact he is my relative, so can you let me in please?

Madam, it’s our duty to get visitors fill this register first, please fill it up.

Okay okay, pen please.. (Sometimes rules can wait when work is important)

Vidhya, Personal, Anna Salai, 5:05 PM, SHYAM (shyam.. Ah how nice I feel to write his name here)

Madam, madam… wait..

Now what?

Please show you bag?

What for?

We have to check first if you are carrying camera mobile, USB, CD etc..

For god sake listen, it’s urgent and I don’t have any….

But we need to check madam, show it please.


Okay, now have this visitor card and you can go inside.

Thank you very much, can you now let me know where shyam sits or can you call him?

Hehe.. I have no idea as I am new here... Please contact reception inside.

(so nice of you, now where is the reception... yah there it is) Hi, I’m vidhya can you please call… (tring tring)

Just a second.. Tech smarts limited, this is Ankita, and how can I help you?


(oh god, is it necessary for her to get a call only when I go to see her, I’m sure all day she would have hardly got any calls or would have done anything worth.. ah, seems like a/c isn’t working, I’m already sweating, I’m sure all my make up would have gone hay wire, I would die if shyam finds it difficult to recognize me, how will he be looking now? Smart? Or would have beard and feeling lonely without me? All girls here look so smart; I wish none of them proposed him? Even if someone does, I know my shyam wouldn’t have accepted it? Or would he...)

Yes what I can do for you… excuse me…., Madam, what can I do for you?

Oh sorry, yah, I would like to meet (tring tring..).. Don’t take the call please, first call shyam, I need to meet him urgently.

Which Shyam?

(Which Shyam? How many versions of Shyam do they have?)... Um... he is tall, well built, and also um... he looks handsome (how stupid, I don’t know anything about him, what would she be thinking of me?)

Well with the details you have given, it’s hard to find… well just a second, Ambi, Ambi.. Come here please… Ambi, she is in search of Shyam, just check if he is the same guy who works with you for your department?

Hi, I am ambi, what can I do for you?

Hi... I am Vidhya and I am looking for Shyam whom I believe works here.. I am sorry I don’t know his full name though.. (First sin of love)

Vidhya.. Um ... I just think I know you through Shyam already, sorry if I am wrong, are you his girl friend during his college time?

Ah well, it’s actually; you know... it’s kinda…

Ah okay, no need to elaborate, you have given enough signals to prove you are the same as I have heard a lot about you in recent months through Shyam..

(Oh Shyam, you are too sweet, you have been thinking about me all these days,), Ah... Can I meet him please?

Well sorry to say Ms... Yah Vidhya, I just guess you are bit late.

Don’t tell me… what happened? Has he left for home? No problem, if you can give his residential address, I will go and meet him personally?

I wish, but actually he has resigned the job today and leaving for Dubai at today’s evening flight, infact he would be on his way to the airport, and I don’t think you can reach him now as it’s too late already.

Oh no, what to do now? Why did he resign the job and going to Dubai?

Well Vidhya, to be frank, he was still thinking about you all these years, it’s hard for him to live here and finally felt a change of place might help him better, which even I had to agree…

Oh No, Ah... Well we can reach him through his mobile number then, can you give his number atleast?

Again I am sorry vidhya, he was using Office Mobile for all these years and he had to surrender it too today, so we don’t’ have that option too.

(I deserve this treatment, oh god, what have I done? I could have come early and expressed my love for shyam, I am sure he would have cancelled all his trips, now what can I do, I am a loser now, I’m not fit to be a his love interest)…

Vidhya please, please control yourself…

No, I’m okay, I am…

Please have a seat vidhya… have some water please... I feel very sorry for you but i'm afraid I can't be of much help.

Sir, don’t we have any other way around, please help me sir, I want to meet shyam, I want shyam… sir please… please help me sir….

(Ambi Thinks...)


ambi said...

//(Ambi Thinks...)

LOL. i can continue from here. but let me wait how U r going to move the story!

nice flow.

வேதா said...

very interesting one dt:) well i think i can guess the end of the story:)

Poornima said...

Interesting! Eppo adutha part?

mystery said...

ambi thinksss....adhukku apparam?????....aiyooo...too much suspense...

mystery said...

waiting for the next....:D

ramya said...

hey tats really cool n interesting to read...nalla flow ...dont delay the next part too late..i hv got my own story in my mind adhukulla..lets c, wats the next part..anyway nice one..

Delhi_Tamilan said...

Ambi: thanks for your comments, btw I am sure you can finish it off in great style than me...

Delhi_Tamilan said...

Veda: thanks veda, yah.. there shouldn't be any surprise element here

Delhi_Tamilan said...

Poornima: Vanga madam, ennaga romba nalla alaiyae kannom?

Delhi_Tamilan said...

Mystery: Adutha post veraivil!!

Delhi_Tamilan said...

Ramya: Thanks for your lovely comments, m also looking forward to your story...

Arunkumar said...

very nice story and a wonderful finish.. waiting for the next.. pls post it asap :)

Poornima said...

Amaamunga, konjam busy a irunthutten.

Delhi_Tamilan said...

Hi arunkumar, welcome here.. and thanks for your comments