Mr. God

Well, I didn't find much to write now, it's only few hours passed since I created a ID. So i thought, why can't I publish one of my story (though first in English) here! Though it has a small story of it's own behind it, which I would reveal it sometime later personally! So from here on let my story scroll down; (please dont misuse it!)

13 August 2003

Mr. God

(I sincerely apologize to all gods for wrongly using their names in my story, I wish they support & join hands with my intentions & concern)

Once there held a competition deciding the most beautiful god in the universe at brahmaloga. It was announced that the most beautiful God selected by the jury will be awarded “Mr. God” title. It was also decided that Mr. Shiva, Mr. Vishnu, Mr. Brahma & Mr. Ganapathi will participate in the competition. Mr. Narada will be the jury to select the most beautiful god among the list. There was a gap of one week for the event to begin and everybody got much tensed and was eagerly waiting for the competition.

Parvathi was amazed to see shiv in this state of despair. She was puzzled and asked, “Eh shiv, what happened yaar, why u look so depressed” ?.

Shiv replied, “yaar, don’t disturb me, leave me alone”

No, I can’t , I will never, more than concern, my curiosity is reaching its maximum limit, and I can’t hold on. “Tell me nah, please, please”………. Parvathi started bawling.

Seeing parvathi in such a worrying state, shiv cannot hold on any more. Shiv very well knew that the Woman’s strongest weapon is her tears, in front of which no mighty arms can withstand.

“Yaar, suno tho, why are you turning that side, let me see your face first”. - shiv

Nahi, I wont, you are not sharing anything with me, this is bad on your part, I wont talk to you” – parvathi.

Acha, baba, I’m sorry, maf kardo na yaar, mein kaan pakadlu ? – shiv.

Koi zaroorat nahi, tell me first, why are so much worried ? – parvathi.

Then shiva started explaining about the events and said he is much worried that his looks aren’t good enough to match with vishnu and he can never think of winning the Mr. God contest. His words are full of depression and also of jealous over vishnu.

Parvathi consoled him but all of no vein. After much tussle, parvathi could able to make shiv normal. She advised him that instead of wasting time in depression, he should prepare for the big event and said that he has all ingredients to become Mr. God. Motivated by her words, Shiv started planning how to make himself more beautiful than before.

He decided that he will remove all the ornaments which are made of skulls & ashes from his body. He also asked the snake in his neck to go on a vacation for a week’s time and return back after the event.

Shiv now saw himself in the mirror and thought that he still needs to be more muscular. He decided that he will join the Jim run by Mr. Bhima for a week so that he improve on his body structure. He was also not much happy too see his long thick hair and firmly decided to trim his hair and look more stylish.

Shiv thought that he can easily win over ganapathi & brahma but only Mr. vishnu will be a tough competitor. But Finally, shiv started feeling more satisfied that his plans would definitely make him more smart than Mr. Vishu and already started day dreaming about the Mr. God title.

On the other hand, lakshmi heard about the event and came running towards Vishu.

“Arey, suntheho, kya ho such hein jo mein suna Mr. God eventkae barae mein” ? – Lakshmi

“Ah ah, ho such hain, tho kya hai yaar” vishu replied in a more relaxed way.

“Tum pagal hochukae ho, I just heard parvathi talking to saraswathi about her hubby’s plans to win the contest. Poor they didn’t know that I am listening to them. I am afraid that shiv’s efforts to become Mr. God might become true and you are only going to end up as a loser”. Infact Mein eh sab sunkae, itna depressed hokae, aap ko eh sab batanae keliyae dhodkae ahrahihoon, magar aap tho eha aisae laitae huvaen hai aisi ki aapnae pehalaehi contest mein jeet gaya jaisa ? – Lakshmi poured everything without giving a gap even for her to breath.

“Aray yaar, tum tho kamakam parishan horahi ho, let me tell you, I am going to be the Mr. God, you take it from me” – Vishnu assured Lakshmi.

“I don’t think so, becoz neither you are taking any efforts nor any plans to win the contest. All I could see is your lying down posture, infact from the day I married you, I am only seeing you lying down in the bed of snakes enjoying everything in your dream world” – Lakshmi.

“Bas karo yaar, I don’t know how can you easily under-rate my capabilities. Any how you know very well that I am the most sought person by all women when I was Rama & Krishna. That itself is a major proof that I am more smarty than Shiv. On the other hand, I can never think Ganapathi as a competitor for a beauty contest”.

“Acha acha, teek teek hai, bas karo” – Lakshmi face all become red with anger mixed with possessiveness.

This only added the pride of vishnu more and smiled in a more mischievous way.

He added, “Know what ?, the judge is none other than Narada, who is an ardent devotee of myself. Did you ever watched narada whispering anything else than my name in his life. If I’m his world, how can he ever select somebody else as Mr. God. So obviously, by all means and ends, I’m the most beautiful god in the universe and rightly I’m gonna win the Mr. God title”.

Though lakshmi was irritated by vishnu’s pride and thought to herself that how fame can make one proudy, she was at the same time proud to be a wife of Mr. God and felt superior comparing herself with Parvathi. So all could Lakshmi do is to join hands with Vishnu to join the party.

Now the screen turn towards Brahma’s palace. Brahma could be seen involved in doing house hold activities, while saraswathi was busy in cleaning her instrument. Suddenly, saraswathi got reminded of the contest, and quickly went to brahma.

“Ah ji aap kya kar rahe hain, aap ko kisnae bola eh sara kam karnae keliyae, ah, aap ko tho aaram karna chahiyae na, bicharae aap kitna patlae hochukae hai, come sit here”, saraswathi by saying this gave a seat for brahma to sit.

Brahma, now really become puzzled. He quickly pinched himself to see whether he is in dream world or in reality. He can’t believe his own eyes. The same women who always torture him to do all the house hold activities without bothering about him, is now offering all kindness & concern. Brahma thought, it is usually said by playing veena for a longer duration more heat is generated in the body, so doesn’t it reached her head now and as a result she has started behaving in an unusual way ?

“Aa ji kya hua aapko, harvakth aap koya koya rahatae ho, kya legae app, kuch thanda ya garam ? – saraswathi offered with all so called ‘kindness’.

Brahma started to feel as if he is flying. He is never used to such irrational behavior from sarasu (as he calls her with love !). Anyhow, all he can do is to enjoy & cherish this as much as possible because, in these days, it is very rare to get words full of kindness & concern from anybody. So truly believing in the false behavior of sarasu, he started to feel majestic.

Massaging his legs, slowly sarasu started, “You know what?, today morning, I was talking to parvathi and she is all praise of her hubby. There is still one week for the event, but she already started behaving as if shiv has won the contest and she is the proud wife of Mr. God, uhhhh, I couldn’t able to sit there. She didn’t even care that she is talking to the person whose husband is also taking part in the contest, infact I just vowed inside that the next time I would see parvathi will be only after you win the contest, teek hai”. – Saraswathi slowly started talking with authority.

Now brahma could sense the reality. He quickly smiled himself realizing that how cunning people are that they are even ready to behave like a slave to satisfy or feed their ego.

But with her persistent nagging, just like playing been to bring in control of the snake, Brahma finally had to bow down to the words of laksh. After all, who haven’t bow down to their wife. All needed here is the careful & selective usage of words and strongly striking the weakest point of the opposite to get things done. Infact all women have this ability and strong will power to get things done of any nature and meet their needs, but its only their ignorance which make them to suffer. And laksh is not an ignorant but master of this art and she didn’t need to waste much effort to convince Brahma.

Though Brahma earlier rightly decided to walk out of the contest, because of the play played by his beloved, Brahma involuntarily had to become a part of the play. So all could Brahma now think and eye is on the Mr. God title.

“Yaar, sab tho teek hai, magar, tumae lagta hai, mein Mr. God contest mein jeet saktha hoon, where is the beauty of vishnu & shiva and where I’m. I feel more inferior in front of them yaar” - said Brahma.

“Oh ho, you always under estimate yourself, tell me one thing, who created Aishwarya Rai, Bruce Willis, Kajol, is it Shiva or Vishnu or Mera pyara pati dev ? – enquired Saraswathi.

“Ah, ‘I’ am the creator, there is no doubt about it. Sarasu, you have a valid point in your argument. If ‘I’ could make all the beautiful men & women in the world, why can’t ‘I’ become a beautiful men on my own, it is very much possible”. Answered Brahma. The pride of ‘I’ slowly started to play its role on the head, sorry, heads (3 nah) of Brahma.

After much discussion & planning, brahma decided to re-write his own book of life and slowly started to become more muscular, more colourful, more stylish than before. Seeing his sudden change, Saraswathi could do nothing but blush all the way.

“Now there is no doubt, you are going to be Mr. God, Infact I am very much interested to see the face of Parvathi on the eventful day, she would be all ashamed to see my face, haina” – laughed Saraswathi with all pride.

“Tum tho iskae liyae hasrahee ho, I wonder why that Ganapathi was involved in this contest. I can never imagine ganapathi as one of the participant in a Beauty contest” – saying this, Brahma busted into more heavier laughter than Saraswathi.

Now the scene turn towards the last but not the least participant Mr. Ganesh.

(REMAINING PART WILL BE PUBLISHED ONLY IF I RECEIVE enough REQUEST, OTHERWISE what is the use in publishing when no one is reading it) ?


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