Idhu Thagumo (Final Part)

Dei mani 8 aga poguthu, innum enna thookam vendi iruku, endhirida, unaku inniku interview vera.

Amma, ennum 5 nimisama, please,

Ayo kadavulae, idhu ellam konjam kuda nallavae illa venkat, konjamavadhu seriousness iruka unaku, endhiri mudhala, kulichitu samiya kumbitu nalla padiya interview attend pannuvana adhai vitutu…

Mukal munagaludan arai thookathil venkat medhuvaga utkardhaan. Adutha oru mani nerathil, amma sonnadhu pol thun ella kadamaigalaiyum mudithu kondu, pooja araikul vandhu samiyai kumbitu (nalla) amma mun vandhan..

Amma ennai asirvadham pannuma,

Thayae kamatchi, nalla padiya interview attend panni ivanuku indha velaiya koduma thayae, iru vibuthiya ituko

Ama perusa idatha ma, parkaravan ellam oru madiriya nenaipan

Onnum nenaika mattangada, idhu dhan unnai kapathum, un mela nalla abiprayamum varum, chinnadha dhan ituruken, Dheiriyama poitu va.

vala meenukum velangu meenukum kalyanum
antha thennakuni kuttum ellam oorgolum
antha nadukadalil nadakuthaiya thirumanam
angu asarakodi alukellam kumalam
Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo endru sollikondae, thun boots ai potu kondu irudhan venkat.

Dei enna patuda idhu, idhuku pathila rendu gayathriyavadhu solluda.

Ayo amma, theriyama paditen, sari nan poren, kadhavai mudiko,

Poitu varenu solluda,

Sari sari, poyitu varen ma..

All the best da kurangu…

Sari valu…bye

Mani aru aga poguthae vasantha innum venkat alai kanumae, enna acho edhacho, enaku orae para paranu iruku, pakathu veetu phone number laiyavadhu phone panni interview ennachunu soli irukulamae

Vandhuruvama, enn tension agurae, nanae indha kanaku vara matenguthunu thalaiyai pichukitu iruken nee verae..

Ama erkanavae trisha madiri mudi veikuren asin madiri style panrenu, bleechu bloochunu nalla valartha unn koodhalai, vetita, irukura mitcha thaiyum eppadiyae pichuko.. sari sari nan ulla poi slogam padikuren, avan vandha enaku sollu.

Om Bhoor Bhuvah Svaha.. endru ragathudan gayathri mandiram padiyadhu andha veetu calling bell

Amma, enaku velai kedaichachu ma, endru sandhosathudan solli kondae ullae vandhan venkat

Eh appadiyada, kekavae romba sandhosama irukuda, andha kamatchi amman dhan nan nandri sollanum, inniyoda namba kastam ellam theerdhadhu

Ama ma, enakae romba tensionah irudhudu, eppadiyo select pannitanga, ana shift irukum, appa appa evening and night shift poga vendi irukum, enna idhu BPO company paru

Konjam kastam dhanda, ana enna panna, ippo dhan ella companyum shift ayiduchae, namba sarasa paiyan kuda shift dhan, adhu en, namba theru mukula irukalae parvathi, ava ponnae night shift poitu varada..

Ah. Enaku theriyuma meenava pathi dhanae solrae

Adhanae parthen, unaku dhan indha theru ponnugalai pathi ellam theiryumae

Dei valu, summa irudi, indha unaku pidicha masal dosai, varum poludhu Saravana bhavanilirudhu parcel vangiti vandhen

Sari ippo idhai eduthukuren, un muthal masa sambalathil enaku appadiyae asin ghazini padathula potu irukura madiri oru dress venum sariya

Okay nee kekura ella karmandhiramum vangi tharedi valu

Adhu ellam vendam, un sambalathila dhanda namba appa kadanaiyum, ivaluku nagaiyum vanganum, kasai waste-ah selavalikama serthu vekanumpa, adhan mukiyam

Sarima enaku theriyadha, don’t worry, sambalam vagiyadhum un kaiyula koduthuduren adhai enna pannanumo adhai panniko, ippo nan poi gopala parthutu vandhuduren

Dei oru coffeyavahdu kudichitu poda

Illama nan avankoda engaiyavadhu velila tea sapitukuren, night sapatuku dhan varuven, bye

Appada, bhagavanae romba nandripa, evanaku indha velai kedaikati romba nodhurupen, ennai kapathita, eh vasatha veetai pathuko, nan mukula irukura namba kamatchi koviluku poitu vandhuduren.

Smile an ever lasting smile, a smile can bring you near to me, don't ever let me find you gone 'cause that would bring a tear to me, this world has lost its glory let's start a brand new story now my love, you think that I don't even mean a single word I say

it's only words and words are all I have to take your heart away

lala lala

Can you please keep the mouth shut Catherine! I gonna listen to Eminem latest hit, you just back off Idiot!

Ma, Look at this Jack, he ain’t allowing me to sing my favourite Band!

You are a real airhead, why do u wanna complain this to mamma, this house is really an armpit, so disgusting.

Now you kids listen here, your daddy is gonna come any time now from his office, I don’t want you people to make him feel more tired okay, Just play yourself around, Only if you behave properly, I will serve you Jaffa Cakes tonight!

Oh mamma, we love you, come’on cathy let’s play in the backyard.

Ah. Darling, welcome home I was just talking about you here. Why you looking so tired!


Eh, what happened, I am talking to you dear!

I’m sorry, things aren’t quite right here babe, my experience today in the office was a bummer

Oh Jesus, what happened?

How can I say babe? We are all finished. Today is my last day in my office.

Whhat? What are you talking about?

Well, our directors have decided to outsource all our jobs to Asia. And they are now asking us to leave the office. So frustrating, they have decided this almost 3 months ago and it’s only now they are letting us all know.

But dear, how can they do it to you, they must have given some notice period..?

Ah, notice period, well, it’s a week’s time as specified in my appointment letter many years back, I almost noticed it only today. Now what am I going to do, who is going to give me a job, I’ am already into 40’s. We have just started thinking about savings! Our bank balance doesn’t show a good figure. Moreover, we still haven’t paid our loans, life is all miserable now dear.

Oh dear, please don’t cry, let’s think what we can do now.

What’s left, I just don’t know what to do? We just can’t see our kids suffer janet!

Don’t we have any other option?

I have thought about it, we don’t have much help from anyone now. London is too costly to live, I just don’t have any idea, what are we going to do now!

That night passed as silently as it could be…

Next day Mirror News paper had a small news info on its last page that reads like

“Four of family commits suicide”

Staff Reporter:

London: Four members of a family committed suicide in Ascot. The police identified the dead as Bruce (44), Julie (38), Catherine (12) and Jack (10). The police believe the suicide might be due to some financial constraints. The police found out that all members consumed poisoned filled Jaffa Cakes. It’s still not clear if it is done by the consent of all the family members.

Sarima, nan velaiku poitu varen, inniku dhan mudhan naal, late-ah poga kudathu

Saripa, jakiradhaiya poitu vaa…

thun kangalil varum anandha kaneerai thodaithu kondae Murugan slogathai solli kondu irudhal, pavam avaluku theriyadhu, engaiyo moolaiyil londonil Bruce enbavan parthu kondu irundha velaiyai dhan thun magan ingae Amijikaraiyil seiya pogiran endru…

When one door of happiness closes another opens;

Yeah it closed in london and opened in Chennai.........


Admirable Existence said...

Will write a review on this soon....

Delhi_tamilan said...

pochu..nan sethen....

வேதா said...

really good one yaar. didnt expect such a turn in the story. and the dialogues btw the mother and the son while going to the interview, reminded my mother and brother. my mother used to say 'nethilla nalla theriyara mathiri kungumam vachuka koodatha', he replies 'come on ma, ithu pothum en bakthi enaku therinha pothum, ellarukum theriyanumnu avasiyam illa'

Delhi_tamilan said...

Thanks veda, am glad that my story rewinded your past sweet memories.

kuttichuvaru said...

gud one!! wasnt expectin this though!! antha dialogs flow nallaa irunthuthu!!

Admirable Existence said...
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Admirable Existence said...

As I already said, am going to give a small review to this story.

The basic concept/philosophy behind the story is good. That, everything that happens is for good. If not for u, atleast for somebody else. So, when u dont get something, and if u r depressed, theres a small reason to smile, because someone else got it.
Thats something that I liked about the story.
The dialogues were real/natural and simple.

And there are a few more things also.The foreign (London) family was just for a few minutes in the story and so I wasn't able to get involved with their kathapathirangal.
And, govts in places like london have taken a lot of measures to support their citizens who are jobless, and so, this family's decision to suicide, I would say was a bit hasty.
Otherwise, it was a nice story, as per the concept behind it.
Am I too frank?

Delhi_tamilan said...

Kaushik: thanks for your comments. (I almost had to view your profile to know your name as I didn't want to call you Kutichuvaru, hehehe)

Anjali: Thanks for your comments. Frankly while I wrote the first part, I didn't thought about the second part and vice versa. And also being a very lazy person, I dont really spend much time in developing a story. Adhuva taku takunu varum, nan eludhuven, enga nikudho, angayae mudichuduven! May be that's why you didn't get too much involved with the london family. And yes, I did consult with one of my london friend (he is actually an American) to know if suicides are common at their place and also the situation about Jobless people. It is something I think the rule is there, but not all are benefited I guess.

Arpita said...

Hi,nalla irundadu un kadai. But the first part was very detailed whereas the second part was abrupt.
Anyway will read ur other story now- Hope u dont mind these reviews!

Gayathri said...

Hey Dehli tamilan! ippada unga story muzhusa padichen pa!!nalla irukudu pa!!i love ur last sentence!! u r really a genius!!mindum mindum indha madhiri nallai story yezhuda ennoda anbu vazhtukkal...

Delhi_tamilan said...

Arpita: Thanks for your comments. I always welcome true reviews for my stories!

Gayathri: Genius-ah? Idhu ellam konjam over, Anyways thanks for your comments!

Anonymous said...

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