Best Pal?

Ma Did I get any call or sms from anyone?

Venkat…This is the third time you have called me since morning. What’s the matter?

Nothing ma, I am expecting few important calls or sms, that’s why checking up with you?

If its so important, then why did you leave your cell phone here last night?

That’s my biggest mistake, I cant travel all the way back to home to collect it, I can pick up only next weekend, that's why I troubling you now.

What important call you are expecting to receive? Any problem…?

No, no, nothing, Ok, I’m keeping the phone, I will call you some other time.. bye.

Shit yaar, this is the biggest goof up I’ve made, today is friendship day, that too on Sunday, how could I possibly forget it & missed my cell phone back home? How well I planned to wish my friends on this day, all my well drafted messages would now go in vain! I can very well call them to wish, but I might not be that much expressive over phone as much in writing, Oh god, how did I miss it!

How I wished sending my first friendship day wish to Amrita… I am sure she would be waiting for my sms by now… I am so lucky to have her in my team, she is the best I could ever imagine.

Amrita Mobile:

A coin is easy to earn, a friend is hard to find. The coin depreciates but a friend appreciates. I lost a coin when I smsed u, but it's okay because I got u.

Send message to: Arun, Shekar, Shweta, Nalini, Nandini. Done.

Sheweta would be my next one, she is cool, ever understanding and always keep things under control. I’m sorry Shweta, I couldn’t send you my wish.

Shewata Mobile:

A friend is a push when you have stopped, a chat when u r lonely, a guide when u r searching, a smile when u r sad, a song when u r glad.

Send message to: Amrita, Nalini, Nandini, Shubha, Sunita, Vishal, Raj. Done.

Even if I can make up amrita and Shweta for not wishing them, I don’t think I can ever convince Nalini, she would damn be angry with me, for not wishing her. I would have tough time tomorrow in consoling her.

Nalini Mobile:

50 years from now, I'd be so old I might forget u. I might not remember ever knowing u, or might forget I once cared for u. I might.. but I won't.

Send message to: Amrita, Shweta, Nandini, Subha, Mani, Darsheel. Done.

Ma, did you check it?

No venkat, still no calls or sms from anyone.

Is my phone working, did you check it?

How to check it?

Oh god, you call my number from your LAN, if it rings, it means it is working. I’m keeping the phone down, I’ll call you after 10 minutes.

I remember nandini used to say she cherishes her friends very much, so bad that I wont be able to see her beautiful friendship day sms today. She does make lot of fun of me, but I am sure she always cherish me as her good friend.

Nandini Mobile:

Some friends are remembered because of their smile. Some friends are remembered because of their style. But u are remembered because u r so nice to remember.

Send message to: Amrita, Shweta, Subha, Farooq, Ismail, Rakesh. Done.

Megha Mobile:

I admit I'll never be the perfect friend. I'll never be there always. I may not make u smile at times but there is one thing I admit I could do. To be the person I could be for u.

Send message to: Venkat.

Ma, did you try calling my phone, is it working?

Yes, it is working fine, infact you have even got a new SMS.

Oh wow great, who has sent it. I guess it should be Sheweta… no, no it should be Amrita, right?

No, it is someone…


Will you allow me to talk…


I am keeping the phone, if you don’t allow me to talk..

Oh ho sorry mah,… who it is?

You have got one SMS from Megha wishing you for friendship day…

Oh meghava… I thought it would be from my friends list.. ok leave it, I will call you after some time and get updated from you.

Stop it venkat, it’s already 10:00 PM, nobody will be mad like you making phone calls for such trivial things, I accept I behave with you like a friend rather than a mother, but it doesn’t mean I would be silent for your silly acts, now stop worrying & go to bed…

But mom….

Listen venkat,..anyway you are going to office tomorrow, you can very well know from them who have sent what message, why are you unnecessarily wasting phone call?

You won’t understand this generation friend’s ma, you are too old… ok, I’m keeping the phone.

Why didn’t I receive any message from Amrita or Shweta. May be they are not in town I think, but it doesn’t stop them from sending me a message right… but atleast nalini or nandini could have wished me, even they didn’t… why? Am I not their friend? All these days I thought I am one among their friends circle. I admit it’s been only six month I’ve joined this company and may be know them good for last 3 months, but all these 3 months how much time they might have made fun of me, made me look like a bakra, they always used to pull my leg and I thought it’s all part of our friendship, are they just used me?... no, it can’t be.. I think I am unnecessarily confusing myself, if they don’t think me as their friend this time, so what? I like them very much, and I am sure they will accept me as their friend one day…

Eh megha, did you get a reply from Venkat..

No dear, I don’t think I will get one either…

Why, why you think so? Chances are there he might have gone to his hometown, and left his cell here..

May be yes, but he usually never forgets his cell, he is very fond of it…

So why do you think he wont reply to your message then?

Bcoz he doesn’t think me as his friend…

Oh god, what is this nonsense? if that’s the case, then why you bother much for him leave it nah…

So what if he doesn’t think me as his friend, I cherish his relationship, he is a very good hearted person, little childish, very sensitive, but still I like him very much, he can be trusted, he isn’t mature sometimes, may be that’s why he doesn’t value my friendship…

I really don’t understand this, you care for him a lot, you respect him a lot, and always you used to talk about him with me, but still he doesn’t think you as a friend, what a injustice?

You know what? I have read somewhere, friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest or who came the first… or even for that matter who cares the best… it’s all about who came and never left…. So I might have come late, I might have less appeal compared to other friends he likes, for that matter I might not have all those ingredients which will make him feel happy or satisfy him.. but I am sure I would always stand by him, I will wait for that moment, when he values my friendship…

Till then…

Till then, nothing to worry, I am happy to have him in my life, he is a good person, for all those moments which looks so ordinary for him, our casual talks, our official hi & bye’s… haha.. our official smile… all might be a mere formality for him, but those are the moments I feel I am blessed with a good friend..

But why only him, may be he isn’t worth all your caring…

Very difficult to explain, but some people when u meet them for the first time, something tells us he/ she isn’t the same person whom we meet everyday, and Venkat is someone special for me and I always look forward to his friendship… ok...anyway... now it’s already 12:00, good night..

hmm...hope you are not upset…

Why should I ? anyway I have a got a good understanding sister like you with whom I can share everything… so nothing to worry..ok.. good night.. sweet dreams…

ma... sorry ma.. did you get any sms or call?


Bhakti said...

Hey! nice one. And happy belated friendships day…………

Raz said...

too long! belated wishes!

Anonymous said...

Kadhai kalathil 2 vishayam indha friendship day kooda resemble aachu.. One thing.. i left my mobile switched off in chennai and had office mobile with me, i left to native. Friends numbers are in my personal.

And 2nd thing
"Very difficult to explain, but some people when u meet them for the first time, something tells us he/ she isn’t the same person whom we meet everyday"
ippidi irukka silarukku naan msg anupnen.. But oru mariyadhaikku kooda reply illa... Appa naan nenachadhum idhudhaan.. Namakkuthaan nallavanga friendship venum. so it is ok apdinu nenachitten.. Illaadha meesaila man ottaadhillayaa..