I have one good news Venkat... guess what?

Any clue ?

Something which will make you jump out from your bed..

Don’t tell me you are going to be a mother again? We played it safe last time...

Grow up Venkat? When will you stop your crap..

Ok, ok.. just kidding.. tell me what it is.. ?

I got the contact number of Nisha..

Wow.. really… I can’t believe it.. how could you manage to do it…?

I am your wife sir... atleast I should have half your talents right...

Eh.. I’m serious.. how could you able to get her contact.. I didn’t have chance to reach her even since she quit her job..

I know.. you were more interested to brood over your past memories with her rather than to be in touch..

Ya… it’s not the same right.. you can just a pull a joke at the blink of eye during the days you were together, and when you got separated, you just don’t get a word to speak..

Ok, ok, now don’t talk philosophies… you want me to dial her number so that you can speak ?

Ya.. I will, but first let me talk to you for some time..

You are eating my brains since morning..What is that you want to talk to me now? ..

Sweet nothings ?

Ah.. ha… very funny Venkat… trying to be romantic.. Ah!

Why.. Mrs. Venkat has any problems with that?

You are no.1 flirt da..

Why do you say that? Because I asked you to get me the contact details of my inspirational ladies in my life with whom I lost contact?

No, Becasue I know why you wanted me to search their whereabouts now..

Why, tell me?

You were concerned… right ?

Hmm.. Yeah... I am concerned... I am concerned... I wanted to know the news of their happiness as well. I want to hear that they are happy somewhere in this world…

You know.. Nisha is in Australia now with her daughter & husband.. Her daughter has got some merit to practice in the top Cancer Medical Institute there, she has just gone to see her..

Oh is it? Wow… Her daughter is one genius.. let me tell you… I could remember her face even now when I last saw her.. as a child… Quite a long time… Ah.. some memories don’t die so soon..

Yes.. like my life with you..

Oh, now who is acting romantic here.. Mrs. Venkat ?

No body can beat you sir on that..

Hahah.. thanks for the credit.. so do you think Nisha would still remember me ?

Hmm.. I think yes, in few minutes, she can remember you.. ?

How are you so sure on that ?

She must not have met lot many crazy creatures like you in her life…so it is easy to recollect for her!

Shut up!... so what is the status of others ?

Hello! Finding the whereabouts of one person itself took my brain out.. there are still some 8 to 9 odd people.. give me some time.. I would get you.. But I am sure to find Aradhana details by today evening, got some clue through facebook..

Oh.. you have now become internet savy, all the years, you never looked at that…

What to do ? all fate…

You are cursing me.. ?

Do I have the option?

No, even if you have, I wont leave you..

Tell me, out of 9 people whom you wished to know their whereabouts, 7 are girls… you seem to have lot of interest on woman than men .. Why is it so?

It is just a coincidence da...

Tell this story to someone who is outside... not to me..

No really.. believe me.. Anything that is spontaneous, simple , natural & life interest me? Those were abundance in the list of people I gave you...

Oh.. Oh.. that’s the reason why you still curious to know their whereabouts… ?

You can’t say it is just a curiosity.. don’t you try to call our son daily to check if he is alright and had food at the right time?

Yes I do...

Can you describe the feeling that you get when you are not able to reach him after dialing his number couple of times..?

Quite difficult…

Can you describe your feelings, when he calls you after a long time with utmost happiness to share any good news… ?

It’s a feeling of transcend

Mine is mix of all these Mrs. Venkat… I can’t really explain... It’s the concern that I want to know about them... the people who made me to feel… the people who made me feel important and who made me to realize myself...

Hmm… what if I have rejected your request?

You could have, but I know you won’t...


Because you know, it’s with you I was transparent completely 100% all these years… one can’t be in that state until he trust & love somebody so completely… So how can you ignore one request if it's coming through the words of love ?

Words.. let me tell you.. it’s all you have to take my heart away..


Words don’t come easily…

Again boyzone..

Ok, I’m going…

Eh.. eh.. wait.. please be here for some more time na..

It’s getting late for me, you better talk to Nisha and then go to sleep…

I will talk to her tomorrow early morning, not today.. want to talk to you for some more time…

Oh god, you are spoiling my sleep today… you are talking to me since morning dear… with great difficulty I got Nisha phone number and you keep talking to me, instead of dialing her number..


Don’t laugh, I am more curious to know what you both would talk after such a long gap..

Oh ho.. its’ a secret, I will call her after you leave the place, it’s between us…

Hello Mr… I will delete the number right away, if you don’t allow me to stay when you talk to Nisha or Aradhana, or others in the list..

Oh god.. I am scared..

You .. scared!!!.. that too with me.. forget it..

Hahah.. Frankly, you do scare me with the utmost love and faith you have in me Mrs. Venkat.. every time you do that to me, I feel I should be even more responsible & truthful to you and our family..

It’s all that I could do for you right... Venkat... tell me one thing... Are you really happy being with me... ? Did I ever made you feel that … oh god.. why the hell I married her... kind of thought ? Please be honest ah..

Its’ very difficult to tell..


Because I lost count of it… hehehe

Ok, I’m leaving, you talk to your Nisha, bisha… I’m going..

Eh, eh, please... please… k, let me think.. hmm. .your first question, Am I really happy being with you.. ? Yes.. I do.. I enjoy and rejoince each and every moment I am with you da.. Every time the night comes when you go to sleep, I just feel, can’t it come little late, so that I can spend more being with you…

I would really appreciate, if you can stop flirting and speak the reality..

Oh god, what else you expect me to say.. this is the problem with you girls, if we speak the truth with over emotions, you feel we are flirting & if we keep quiet, you think men are not appreciative…

How can in the earth you expect women to believe your words, if you talk filmy dialogues for simple questions…

Ok, I have answered your first question, whether to believe it or not is your problem, not mine.. let me come to your next question.. what is that?

Enough, I can’t handle it, your first answer is enough…

So, if you are satisfied with my answer, can we go for THAT?

Go for what ?

You know.. What I mean… Darling.. Our son wanted a sister for a long time..

Oh sure, I know what you mean? let's do THAT right away..

Oh god.. you are faster than me… for the moment, just a kiss would do darling… the rest we will see tomorrow..

Haha.. Ok Venkat.. here it’s coming.. hot kisses for my Venkat.. Good Night..

Good Night..

(Next Day)

Hello, Am I speaking with Mrs. Venkat ?


Your husband Mr. Venkat was admitted to our hospital for the treatment of Heart Disease last Monday, His age is 72. Am I right Mrs. Venkat?

Yes, right, what happened?

Sorry to say Mrs. Venkat, he is no more…

Oh.. No… Did he suffer before dying ?

No Mrs. Venkat, he died during his sleep... you were the last whom he was talking with before he went to sleep.. We tried too...

… …

Hello.. hello Mrs. Venkat..

… …

Mrs. Venkat, could you please come to our hospital and do the remaining formalities and pay the hospital fees… hello?

… …

(Oh Venkat, I know it is coming.. but not so soon.. can’t you have stayed for one more day for me.. can't I see you talking to your old friends & feel happy about that.. You promised that we would do THAT today na.. When will you start keeping up your promises Venkat!… you irresponsible idiot.. Can’t you stayed for one more night, just for me…)

(Mrs.Venkat's Secretary comes)

Mrs. Venkat . Aradhana is on line.. Oh.. What happened? Mrs. Venkat.. Mrs. Venkat.. Guys, call the Doctor, Mrs. Venkat.. can you hear me.. call the doctor soon, she is not responding.. Mrs.. Venkat… Can you hear me?

… …

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Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Mrs Venkat is really trying to hide the curious cat..I read until the part she brags without telling the reason..Will drop in soon 2 read the rest :D