Mr. God Part II

(In response to overwhelming demand, here is part II of my story "Mr.God")

Part II continues....

Now the scene turn towards the last but not the least participant Mr. Ganesh.

Parvathi saw Ganesh hurriedly moving out without having his breakfast. “Merae ladla, where are you going, please have your breakfast betae” – said the never stop worrying mother.

“Ma, mujhe tho bilkul bhook nahi lagrahe hai, mein kya karoon, infact I have to meet one person as soon as possible, so don’t disturb me” – saying this ganesh went away.

There, Narada could see ganesh coming towards him place.

“Aa ji sir, kya hal hai, aaj istaraf kaisae ahna hua ? – enquired narada.

“Yaar, I’m full of anger towards you. I heard that you are the person who gave this idea of beauty contest and also you are the person who have selected the participant list. But sir, who told you do all these things. Ah, there are so much problems & things to set right in the world, do you think any contest that too beauty contest is any way needed for us in the current scenario”.? – Ganesh

Before ganesh continues, narada interrupts, “so you started feeling inferior even before the event has started, I guess you might be feeling that you are in no way match to others and feeling yourself more ugly in front of them, isn’t it ? argued Narada.

“Look narada, you are totally mistaken. I don’t have any concern or interest on those things which are going to decay after a small period of time, Winning or losing doesn’t matter to me anything, Whatever you judge or decide, it doesn’t mean that it is the Universal Truth. What you define as Beauty might not be the same for what definition I give to beauty, okay ! – ganesh.

“Can you explain” asked narada.

“Its very simple narada. If you conduct a beauty contest in Nigeria, where neogrows live, and if bruce willis also took part in the contest, according to them, black is the beauty, they will consider bruce as the most ugliest person and they would never even allow him to participate in the contest. And the same would be opposite, if it is been conducted in America”. – Ganesh.

“Mr. Ganesh your argument is good to hear, but it cannot be practical. You have to go with the world, you need to accept people’s comments, if you are one among the society, isn’t it”, again argued narada.

“It would be the stupidity of a lotus flower to think that it looks ugly, only because it is been grown in the ditch water. No matter how impure & ugly the surroundings may be, lotus has it’s own beauty. So if people seeing the surroundings, say lotus is ugly, and if the lotus flower become serious by the words of the society, it only means, neither the society is matured nor the lotus is matured”. – Ganesh.

So how do you want the people of such complex live, then ? – asked narada.

“Again the lotus itself is the best example. Have you seen the water drops on the lotus leaves. Though the water drops is on the lotus leaves, still the leaves doesn’t get itself involved or mingled with the water drops. In the same way, society’s behavior or comments though can be heard, we shouldn’t get ourself involved & mingled with them.”

“So finally are you going to run away from the contest” ? - narada.

“No certainly not, why should I ?. I accept that I don’t mind winning or losing in the contest, nor I am bothered about other comments. I know my capabilities & strengths. Instead of worrying about my defects, I’m more satisfied, happy, blissful & full of ecstasy in knowing my strengths and work in my day-2-day life with what I’ve got and see to that I’m in anyway helpful to others. At the same time, I respect your decision and I don’t want to ignore anybody or anything. Infact it would be more fun to be a part of the contest, as I can have myself a little break” winkled ganesh and said a friendly bye to narada.

A week’s time quickly run as soon as possible. There, shiva was all muscular and the special training given by Bhima weren’t bad enough. It tremendously improved shiva’s muscles & biceps. Shiva now started looking more fresh and sparkling. Parvathi couldn’t believe her eyes. She was all praise of Shiva’s new & refreshing looks. On the other day, she even joked shiva by asking whether the world needs any other new Avatar from their family. Knowing the intentions of parvathi, shiva just closed his ears and ran whispering ‘shiva, shiva’…….!

Vishnu on the other side look more pride full of ego surrounded by Hanuman & Meera who always engaged in praising His beauty. He become more restless day by day and already started behaving in a peculiar way with all poor human qualities.

Brahma, the creator of the world, re-created his own self, had a different look. He himself started thinking as the most superior god. He decided that once he wins the beauty contest, he would create a different set of mankind, who would bring awareness among the society about the cunningness of shiva & vishnu and how they intelligently avoided any temple to be build on brahma, their duty would also to build new temples for Brahma and praise his power & beauty always.

On the other hand, Ganesh was all more concentrated in doing his day-2-day activities, helping his friends & societies in the ways possible.

On the eventful day, everybody arrived at the centre. But only could Ganesh reach the stage. Narada enquired about others to ganesh.

“Where are the other participants, Mr. Ganesh” enquired narada.

“Poor they are standing outside, the gatekeeper isn’t allowing them inside” – Ganesh

“Whhaaaaaaaat, why so” – asked bewildered narada

“Because the gatekeeper couldn’t identify them, they look so new & different that the Gatekeeper thought for someone else, and all their attempts to prove their identity are going in vein” – replied the ever smiling ganesh.

So finally Narada has to go the gate to rescue Shiva, Vishnu & Brahma. At the same time, narada thought how time could change everything, now narada is in the position to rescue the mighty Gods !.

Now each participant are asked to show their skills & talents in front of the stage, so that the jury can mark them according to their performance.

First it was the turn of Vishnu. In front of the stage, Vishnu came with all proudness & pride. He changed himself with the posture of Rama & Krishna. He also mesmerized everybody by playing his flute. After a while, he waved his hands to everybody and got down. Narada just thought for a while and noted down something on his paper.

Next turn was Mr. Shiva. As soon as he entered the stage, he started showing his muscle power & also his biceps. He tried to show the masculine power in every possible ways. People were amazed of seeing shiva’s new muscular body and his power all the way. The thundering applauds made shiva to finish his show and also made himself sure that he did all that were needed to get the Mr. God title. Narada, took some time and noted down something on the paper.

Now it was Mr. Brahma’s turn. He came with a broad chest, a good height and with a pleasing hair style (of course in all his heads). He just walked in all corners of the stage, showed his outer so called beauty (that he thinks !) and he was very much pleased that the people were just stunned by the mere presence of Brahma. He too waved his hands to the public and got down. Again, narada after a few minutes silent thinking, noted down something on the paper.

And finally it was announced that Mr. Ganesh will come on to the stage. At once, shiva, vishnu & Brahma couldn’t able to control their laughter. They couldn’t imagine on any way that a fellow with long ears, elephant nose and big stomach, taking part in the beauty contest.

When Mr. Ganesh, entered the stage, he just looked down on the floor, picked something and put it aside carefully. Then he saw all the crowd with a pleasing smile and then got down immediately. Brahma just commented that poor ganesh don’t have anything to show. Shiva asserted that he might be probably ashamed of himself that he doesn’t possess any great quality of beauty with him. Though Ganapathi could clearly hear what they spoke, he remained so calm with smiling face without being corrupted by their poisonous words.

Finally it was time for narada to announce the result.

Hi, with all considerations, I have no hesitation & delay in selecting the most beautiful god in the world. It is none other than……….,

The moment of pause, had really made Vishnu, Shiva & Brahma go into utter madness. They urged narada to announce the winner, “come on narada, come on, tell my name…..” shouted all the three.

“okay, okay…. It is none other than MR. GANAPATHI.” Said narada affirmatively.

The three main deities & crowd become suddenly silent. They can’t believe their own ears. They felt as if it’s the end of the world. They found their heads dizzying. Poor, Brahma had to suffer the most, as he had to manage with 3 heads.

But “WHHHHHYYYYYYYYY”, this was the utmost words that they could ask for, as they are no longer in the position even to fight or argue.

Quietly narada smiled and said, “because He deserves it the most”.

“You people, thought the mere muscular body or fair complexion or stylish hair would constitute beauties in oneself. No, it’s not like that. These are only outward qualities, which are certainly going to decay at one point of time. After all, if one is going be fired after his death, only the skeleton is going to remain. And strangely, even though each human being look differently, their identity is one and the same when you see them in the form skeleton. Almost all skeleton look alike and that is the universal truth. The so called, definitions of beauty stress more on outward looks and it doesn’t necessarily identify the true personality”.

“If you could see these people, all that exists inside them are cunningness, pride, proudness, selfishness and the last but not the least the Hypocrisy”. The true nature was itself missing in these people and they were only trying to pose something else which they aren’t for sure”.

“What beauty refers here is the most natural phenomenon that exists in one own self which you bring out without any damage or altering, with pure innocence & love. And strangely, I could not see any natural beauty in these people. But with Ganapathi, the case was different. Everything in him is so natural, the very nature of the natural is nothing but beauty. So firstly, the natural behavior of ganapathi which he showed without any alteration is the first foremost quality that I saw in him, which inspired me very much.

“Even on the other day when he was arguing about the contest, he didn’t even think that he shouldn’t talk to me like that, as I’m the judge and I might make the case worse for him. He just came to me and argued what he feels right and rightly went away. There I found the absence of Hypocrisy in him. This I would say a essential quality for oneself to be judged as the most beautiful person in the world”.

“Could you now all please see his eyes, though it is covered with contact lens becoz of his poor eye sight, but still all you can see in his eyes is nothing but pure innocence. You can see such purity of innocence only in children, as they aren’t corrupted by the temptations & dust in the society. The same innocence you can see in his eyes, which is missing in all of us. The innocence, I would say is another important quality to judge oneself as the most beautiful person in the world. On the other day, Mr. Ganapathi was complaining me that I never look his face and talk, but always see here & there while talking. Yes, it’s true, I admit. What can I do sir, his eyes are so powerful with innocence, that I become spellbound by it. It is then very difficult for me to see anything else. I just become so obsessed with it that I had to spend my remaining day preoccupied with that pure innocence. That is the power of innocence one can make. There is no one in this world, but bow down to the innocence of a child. And he is rightly a child by heart, and I see the beauty in it”.

“Often, people when they become powerful, they become so head weighted and proud that they forget their past path and they don’t even look down to earth. This is the case happened today. Mesmerized by the tune of krishna’s flute, a small ant was lying on the stage, which no one noticed. It was Vishnu in the form of krishna, who first stepped it with his legs. All it cried, “vishnu, help me………” but poor, it didn’t realize that now vishnu is no longer had the godliness quality in him. He is now full of pride and wanting for fame, that he utterly forgotten his duty but remained in wantage of pleasures. The people who followed vishnu, i.e. Shiva or Brahma, they too hit the ant severely, because, all their concentration was only to attract me and on the title. They even forgotten the basic human qualities. That is the power of fame that it can even change the very nature of the these gods. But ganapathi, didn’t give importance to me or the title. The moment he entered the stage, all he could see & hear is of that cry of that poor ant. With all great love, he held that ant and gave necessary treatment to be given and put it in the safer place. Now that I would call a real beauty when one doesn’t forget his true nature for the sake of fame or pleasure”.

“Even though he didn’t like to participate in the event and disliked the very essence of conducting a beauty contest, he did respect the sentiments of others, and quietly participated in the event. This quality, I would say, is the real beauty to be adored and praised”.

Now there was utter silence in the crowd and after some time, all the 3 gods clapped their hands gladly and accepted the decision of Narada. They all requested Mr. ganapathi to say few words to them and also to the society.

Ganapathi started, “Thanks my fellow beings for giving me this honour. To be frank, I now feel more embraced to have this title with me. To me everybody are equal. If one is more muscular, that is his strength. If one his more intellectual, then it’s his strength. Instead of worrying, what I haven’t got, it is always wise to see what are all those things that I have in me, through which I can fulfill my duty in my life. The life should be purposeful, just to be born & died, in midst of all problems, is not a human nature. This can be done by animals. You human beings, have some extra super natural power in you, which you ought to use it for better purpose”.

“I pity for those people, who forgetting their true self & power, waste their time in worrying for petty things. They themselves become what others say about them and not knowing their own true personality. If 999 persons out of thousand say a lie, it doesn’t mean that it would become a truth. The truth is always a truth and it can never be altered or changed. People today spend their times on things which are about to change & decay in few periods of time. Instead, they should search for that quality which never changes and lives even after their death. Can any one forget the smile of Gandhiji. He is half naked, bald head, old model specs, no teeth, but still his smile itself is a real beauty. He is now remembered by almost every body. Same case for Mother Teresa. These are the real beautiful person in the world, their truths & qualities never fade away. It exists with the cosmos and be ever flowing nature”.

“I can never forgive any body who waste their precious life given to them, by spending the time worrying about their external qualities & beauty. The same people who tell you are great, would tell you are a cheater next day. So it doesn’t matter what others say about us, but how much helpful we are going to be for our own self is the important point to be noted down. Every people are equipped with essential willpower & strength to overcome their problems in their life. They should search for these inner quality and try to improve on life. All those stones that they come across in their life, should be made as a stepping stone to climb up the ladder of success. My wishes & grace are always with those people who have never say die attitude and who never let down their efforts”.

“No matter whether people believe in me or not. No matter whether people believe in god or not, whomsoever see me atleast, I will give them enough strength, confidence, power & stable mind, to encounter their problems and become successful in their life”.

In midst of thundering applauds, Mr. Ganapathi, the most beautiful god in the universe, walked silently on his way home.

Today's: Don't read beauty magazines. They will only make you feel ugly. (Mary Smich)

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Just read Mr. God, "Instead of worrying, what I haven’t got, it is always wise to see what are all those things that I have in me, through which I can fulfill my duty in my life. The life should be purposeful, just to be born & died, in midst of all problems, is not a human nature.”

Its good to read this story once again. Nothing more to say!

Keep writing!