Pramod Mahajan

The death of pramod mahajan was a shock to me. I had a hope that he would survive, but he couldn'’t. (Even he couldn'’t… ). 12 days of doctor'’s struggle at Hinduja Hospital couldn'’t do any wonder for his family. I got to know more about him after his death rather when he is ON. Thanks to the news channels yesterday.

He seems to be a lively person by nature. He even refered his wish to act in a political movie directed by Madhur Bhandarkar after the elections. I liked his statement once during his earlier interview, "“I WANT TO BE TO BJP (HIS PARTY NAME) WHAT SACHIN TENDULKAR IS TO INDIAN CRICKET TEAM, WHETHER IT IS GANGULY OR DRAVID WHO LEADS THE TEAM, SACHIN IS STIL SACHIN"”. In another interview, he casually remarked "“PRADHAN MANTIRI JAROORI HAI, CANDIDATE MAJBOORI HAI"” How true it is in the world of politics. The other one was, "Politics is like a game, sometimes the senior members or junior members decisions hurt you, but still you had to play". That's how he replied when he was asked about contradictory statements by his fellow party members. Anyways, he had a charming smile I guess and he was referred as Laxman of BJP by Atal Bihari Vajpayee (former prime minister). He is no longer with us and no doubt it'’s a huge blow to BJP party as a whole.

This event also made me to think what would be going on his younger brother's mind now, as he is the one who shot him down. Will he be worrying and feeling guilty? I think he wouldn'’t at this point of time, but he would for sure in any of his day's in jail being left alone. He would be repenting for his mistakes, How could I kill my own brother? After all we would have played together as a child and we both belong to the same family. We would have slept together, eat together and what not. Will all the childhood memories go away when you become adult? As a adult do we become corrupt enough to see our own brother in view of our personal vengeance rather than a blood relation?

Questions are many to be left unanswered. Poor her mother is still alive to see his son killed by his own son! Sometime Mind wins the race and Heart loses…

Today's: Death is not a period but a comma in the story of life.


vendekkai said...

I was upset about this whole incident as well esp. the fact that a person could kill his own brother...insanity or not. I could never ever dream of causing any physical harm to my sister though we have our share of small arguments.

reva said...

This incident did upset me too,although it is quite common to see sibling rivalry in all families, when u grow up and as adults it is very bad if one person is jealous of the other, no wonder when u have a fully loaded gun in your pocket, anger makes him use the gun and not his mind at one point, hence the sad ending.