Security Checklist

Are you part of IT security team? Are you part of Security Audit Team? Then time and time again you would have desired to have a common checklist to audit various IT applications / network systems. But not all Security auditors are techie. No problem below website gives you a comprehensive audit checklist for various application systems / servers / routers / firewalls etc.

The National Checklist Program (NCP) is the U.S. government repository of publicly available security checklists (or benchmarks) that provide detailed low level guidance on setting the security configuration of operating systems and applications. NCP contains 161 checklists covering 153 products

So next time when you audit IT systems, don't forget to go through these security checklist for better understanding. Link below (Enjoy!)

This site also contains info on Vulnerabilities, US-CERT Alerts & other security related stuffs. Navigate to their home page and try other options available.

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