Lose Control

An Important Announcement for all Readers

This blog will now be updated more often than not. It might be a daily update or hourly update or weekly update.

So it's really gonna be a crazy stuff out here! So keep visiting folks :)

Did I miss something! oh yeah there wouldn't be any more personal email / messenger update about my blog update. Why?

Flash back:

DT writes one short n sweet (!!) mail to one of his friend

Eh, blog updated, come n visit it. Regards DT.

Now the user hits back with a strong n sweet mail. It was indirectly asking me following questions:

1) Is that all i have to say to her?

2) Am I too selfish in just wanting people to read my blog?

3) Not concerened about what they want to hear from me personally?

4) what am i going to lose if I had written few more lines in my mail asking / sharing few personal things ?

Even if the user didn't actually mean any one of the above points, I am tired of updating personally every time I pubilsh a new post. I think it makes more sense that a user vists my blog automatically when he/she is really interested and not just because i've sent a mail or a message in IM (only to reply back saying "I've read your post. Period.")

You can however subscribe to my blog, if you wish to get my post directly mailed to your email ID. (see options in the right side!)

So finally who is in the picture at the top. It's my normal readers expression after reading any of my posts :)

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