What does it Mean?

Well, if anybody wonder why I have selected pachaimayil as my blog address? (very simple, I can't find anything interesting)Ooops, let me not so boring..

Recently I started hearing bhajans from Pithukuli Muragadoss. I remember hearing him in my school days when my mom used to put it on a Tape. I reluctantly hear it by holding my mom's hand and half way start snoring... that's my vague memory about his songs. But recently when I saw few mp3 songs of his on net, I couldn't resist myself from downloading them. (My main intentions was to make my mom hear it, as the old audio cassette no longer works!) And boy, what a stunner! Now I have become a great fan of him. Those mp3 are some live recordings of his musical program at South Africa. He was so lively, melodious and encouraging the audience. No doubt everybody in there were spell bound. (Me too...)

Out of many of his inspiring songs, I particularly like the song "pachaimayil vaganamae, siva balasubramaniyanae vaaa...." (song on lord muruga) Pachai mayil means Green Peacock (which is Lorg Muruga's vehicle)... Ah, You can't really get tired listening to it...So now you guys know why I selected it...

If anyone wanted to know more about him please visit here

Just for an off note, Here in North, people dont recognise the name Lorg Muruga. I dont know how they call him? It would be fine if somebody let me know (Lord Muruga is the brother of Lord Ganesh and son of Shiva)

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