My dear big brother...

My dear big brother...

there are days I fought with you for no apparent reason

there are days I felt you are my competitor when our mother distributes sweets / crackers equally to all us

there are days I made you feel completely helpless

there are days I hurt you like no one could ever have

there are days I hated you like a cruel beast

there are days I showed partial love towards you


believe me I was more immature those days than now

believe me I never knew our family worth

believe me I never knew the value of brotherhood

believe me I never was a human being


remembering you once again on the day you left us

forgive me for all that I have done to you which made you feel upset

assuring you I’m there always for our family

My dear big brother

please bless us in whatever way you can...


Aboorva said...

Nice post from a goog hearted person

Raz said...

>:D< i am sorry. i am remembering my mama who passed ard 20 yrs ago! i dont ve much memories of him. but i miss him even today!

Anonymous said...

U r continiously changing the colours of mood, by changing the mood of text.