So What....?

While I’m travelling in a bus and if I get a chance to sit… I have started a new practice..

what is it?

It’s not that I’ve become so generous that I started to offer seats for older people (though I may be tempted to offer seats to a good looking…ah…). I search for someone regardless of age / sex to see if they are holding on to any luggage’s with them. If so, I gently offer them to give to me their luggage, so that I can carry it along sitting while they can freely catch the bars while standing without any issues.

Why I suddenly started doing saintly acts?

Most of the times, I don’t get seat while traveling in bus, and usually I carry some bag or the other in my hand. Unfortunately no one bothers to offer me a help or atleast give me some space on the ground to keep my bag. While I painfully see if someone will come forward in keeping my luggage, (usually my travel hours may be not less than 45 minutes), they inturn painfully see my plight and keep themselves busy in looking on to the roads.

I started this practice last weekend, and I offered one person to carry his helmet (why helmet in bus??).. I cant really express his sudden bright face when I offered to help him and when his stop came, he returned all sorts of thank you’s to me.

More than calculating how much sin this act will reduce, it is the self satisfaction that we get at the end by doing such small acts which matters the most..

btw why can’t you try…


Aboorva said...

"Do all the good you can, and make as little fuss about it as possible."

Anonymous said...

Neenga konjam late nanba.. Idha naanga blog poduradhukku munnadiye aarambichaachu..
Aanaalum onnu solluren..
Thalavalium, kaachalum epdi irukkumnu thanakku vandhaathaan theriudhu..
Mathavan kastatha nammalum pattaathaan kastam puriudhu..