A Ven Story (what is Ven Story?)

Oh man, time is already 12.30 pm still no sign of 22A bus..

This scorching sun makes my life hell

It’s been 45 minute since I’m standing on this bus stop; I could see all bus except mine..

I think I would be late today; Shit Man, shit! I would definitely get a two wheeler after this year’s appraisal, but hope they give me a decent hike

Oh god, my legs are paining, they don’t even keep a decent shelter or place to sit in these bus stops, these government guys are utterly useless

No other go, I’ve to take an auto, Sigh.. he will charge me almost Rs.80 to this nearby office, saying peak traffic as a justification..

Eh! Auto…

What.. it’s too much, I will give you Rs.75…

Ok ok, Rs.80

You guys are sick.. you know when to hike the prices, Rs.90 is too much…

Ok, 85 done, now hurry.. I’m already late…

Even though he charges more, Auto travel is far better compared to bus, but still Rs.85 compared to Rs.10 ticket in a bus is no way justified.. my fate 22A is no where to be seen.

Oh god!.. there is that 22A, should it come only after I get into the Auto!! All my Fate.. All my fate.. this world is so cruel to me.. Rs.85 gone waste today!!

The End

(readers can send their interpretation of this story and meaning (if any) out of it)


Raz said...

short story! :) *ahem*

Anonymous said...

I remember those days.. once bus stopla wait pannittu irundhappo waiting for bus and waiting for lover rendaum relate panni oru kavidhai eludhi adha smsla type panni friendsukku ellaam fwd pannittu irundhen.. Yours is 22A and mine is D70. Neraiya naal naanum share autoku dhandam katti irukken..

Aboorva said...

Start Blogging rock on!

KRI said...

haa haa..everyone comes across situations like this..

guess what..for project we have to start from our college that is 3 kms from the city..we will hardly get bus..so mostly we will take auto..
its 40 rupee from the college..like share auto dhan..but even its costly if two travels..
during first, second and third year we will take only auto.. now one of my new year resolution is to take only bus..from college to the town..
and now..we get only the air suspension buses..to the town..
which costs..same as the auto...
Yenna Koduma sir edhu??

One thing for sure...

Kaasu poganum nu erundha...Bankla potta kooda erukadhu..who knows it may be robbed..:(