My Experiment

hmm.. somehow i failed.. or the reader failed with the Experiment I did on my last story well... i take the blame.. i tried to cover too many things there..

Impatience of the individual, thinking too many things at one time. Creating a miserable situation himself, unable to prevent panic, getting tension unnecessarily

Not able to enjoy the current events (a jolly ride in auto) because of co-relating with other events (like bus comes after he gets on to the Auto)... still thinking about past things, for which he dont have control... then.. well.. let me stop here..

as i said, it's a Ven Story.. only the writer can understand... not because the readers are poor in understanding but the writer himself is poor in communicating any kinds of emotions verbally or through writing..

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Raz said...

for once i accept wht u r "gibbered" in ur post.

suuuper! ;)