Professional Harassment!

After writing a Best Seller post 'How to get works done' (!!!), I'm here with another professional remix titled 'Professional Harassment'.

There are many kind of harassment that can be categorized under this head. But what I’m talking here is something different.

Often you come across a person in your team, where he/she just receives salary for coming to the office. Leave alone whether they work or not, they also don’t allow others to work peacefully. I have personally been in that position (of course in receiving end!!) and I still see such person in professional environment.

I get disgusted & frustrated sometimes to see fellow team members suffering and slogging just because of one person inefficiency and irresponsibility. They just behave like an Erumai Maadu, with no sense or feelings for others at all. They don’t care for other people slogging or suffering, let alone enjoy in how to evade works.

I wonder how they could be such thing in this world. One your conscience should hit you if you are avoiding work continuously. Or atleast, seeing your team suffering / slogging so much, you become little kind and share the work. But nope, these people don’t care for both.

I don’t know if they are doing it purposefully or they get into such shelves unconsciously. But whatever it is, the pain the rest of the team members endure is unexplainable.

What aggravates this injustice is when the very same person is regarded as a goody goody fellow by rest of the people in the company / environment. They think he/she is a such a kind good person and regard high of him / her. Often their escapisms such as coming late to office, leaving early, just avoiding works, take no interest in sharing the team load etc, gets unnoticed just because of their good communication / tackling people. Nonsense!!!

Luckily, I’m not in that circle but I’m seeing that plight daily. But one thing is for sure, hard work really pays. OP (escaping from work) really kills you at some point of time. But current situation may not look so, but it would one day for sure. If not in professional life, atleast somewhere in their personal life they would surely get a HIT.

This post is not out of my personal vengeance, but result of seeing people working really hard for their pay / conscience / responsibility inspite of having such numb member in their team.


Marutham said...

A good post indeed... I could see the pain in ur words.

It would hurt like hell.

This being one kind, let me tell you about another kind - where people deny to let you do any work. For that matter, there is a person who had been in the project for quite some time doing a work in a module all Alone and then suddenly another resource is being added as the module needs the work to be done faster- this one who is used to getting all the credit and appreciation and also blasts alone is not really ready to share the piece of cake or the yukk. Deliberately keeps everything to self & is non co operative to the new member. How annoying could it get if the new member does not fall in the category you had mentioned in the post. And there is absolutely no way you can request/demand(it totally sends an ALARM when you even try to ask for your share of the work load, and the person behaves so rude asking the new member to wait - and is made to wait more than half the day), because its this person you need to be working with in the long run and the one from whom you need support.

Trust me, it would give you this WORTHLESS feeling and one begings to HATE self.

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Same blood :( Enaku etho engayo paatha maari iruku!

KRI said...

Hey there, Catching up to your blog after a long time, I unsubscribed my modem and i am seriously out of the net now.

Good to see your blog again. and this post is definitely a right feeling. Coz as you added, i ve seen lot more people in my life, escapism is not just their way of leaving things undone, they had just made that as a habit...

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