Contest No.7

(Watch out for my contest/game on Tuesday & Friday only.)

There are 5 songs hidden in this music interlude. Identify them. Click here All the Best!!


Sat said...

office-la ukkandhu kittu engendhu paata keetu answer panradhu...!!!
this will have to wait 8 hours for being answered...aiyooo mangr varudhu!!!

Admirable Existence said...

Intha paatta ellam kandupidicha experience a oru post a vey ezhithidalaam pola. Avlo time and concentration thevapattathu!

Okay.....Lets see, if I have properly identified!

First Song:
Naan Sirithaal - Nayagan (Actually had a confusion between Paarijatha Poove from En Rasavin Manasiley and Naan Sirithaal from Nayagan...... but after lot of struggle, settled down with Naan Sirithaal....but still..... am not too sure.....could be some other song too!)

Second Song:
Yaar veetil Roja - Ithaya kovil

Third Song:
Naadam Ezhunthathadi - Gopura Vaasaliley

Fourth Song:
Thendral varum - Friends

Fifth Song:
Nirpathuvey Nadapathuvey - Bharathi

P.N: The 1st, 2nd and 3rd songs were really difficult to identify!

Sat said...

1. Oh party nalla party; idhayam
2. manadaya pottu enna pichikittum gyabagamthuku varala :(((
3. Naadam ezhundhada di???
4. thenral varum; friends
5. Nirpathuve nadapathuve from barathi (why don't they make songs like this anymore???!)