Yesterday after reaching home I realized that something is missing! What is that? Is it my heart? always roams around and reach home late night, So I dont have to worry about it! Then what else? Oh my god ! My mobile..

Where did i keep it? I remember carrying it in my hand while I was waiting for my office cab at end of the day. But how it got misplaced? Anyhow.. it should probably be in the cab itself and it should have slipped out of my pant pocket. Ok, let me call my cab driver (Sardarji) and verify it. (already tensed!) Oops! my Cab driver number is stored only in my Mobile. So what to do now? No probs, let me call one of my office friend who is also the cab co-ordinator. Oh God! His number too stored only in Mobile. So what to do now?

No probs., let me call my office and check if someone is having my cab driver number. Not again! this number is continously engaged (who is misusing office phone for such a long time?). Okay so what? My office got couple of other numbers too. Let me call in those numbers. Oh God, I dont remeber those numbers and they are all stored in my Mobile only. Now what to do? No other go keep trying that number alone, thank god i didn't forget this one. So finally I got it, enquired a friend, got the number and dialled the cab wala, asked about my Mobile. He cooly replied me to call him back after 15 mins since he is driving (seems like he is following all traffic rules, but he never does while I'm in the cab?). By this time I also had to call back to the office and requested the Security Guard to search for my mobile in the office corridor. After good tense 15 minutes, I called back my cab wala (somehow I dont like calling him driver) and asked "Eh did you find my mobile"? (Please say Yes!)... Ah... the answer was positive.. yes my guess was right, my mobile is still in the cab only. I got it back from him next day!

Moral of the story: Always keep a copy of all your phone numbers at home in some other media or paper. Dont depend always on your Mobile!

(Thank you.. I will do this exercise this weekend!)


Shuba said...

very true ill do it today nice post!

Sangeeta said...

Thanks for reading my post. I have just started writing...:)

And yes..definately going to note down all the telephone numbers..just in case!

Sat said...


Adheppadi office phone misuse-nu (!!!) sollalaam….avanga paavam endha mobile-a tholachittu enga theduraangalo! ;)