Game Answer

I guess almost everybody forgot to know the answer for my last Game question. Pavam Veda dhan yapagama kettanga! So the song is "Sangeetha Megam Then Sindhum neram aagayam pookal thoovum kaalam". So I guess now you all know what those images wanted to convey u all! Anyhow.. I dont like to see my people go empty handed...So for all the participants, ungalukaga.. idho..

(I think I need to discontinue this game as people find it difficult to identify the song. I'll try to come up with some other game format soon...)


karthik said...

oh man!! I tried all combinations of Isaithen, Poomaalai etc..Feel bad for missing out this song.. Don't stop this...It's good..

Shuba said...

aaaha two mucha terila!!!1