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Admirable Existence said...

Vote pottuten!
If you insist, I can also give you the reason for chosing the option!

Sasiprabha said...

hello, vote pottuten. Neenga radio button vechadhukku badhil, check box vechirukkalaam.. Because i admire all your choices.. Kadhai elaam padichen.. Really superb. Story flow and the thing you want to say are very clear.. Naanum dhaan oru kadhai eludha oru varushamaa try pannuren.. sutham en flow paathuttu naane thooki pottuduven.. Cheers... Go ahead with more stories.

Ms.Congeniality said...

U've not given a chance to vote for multiple choices illenaa first 3 ku potrupen :-)

Delhi_tamilan said...

Thanks all for your lovely comments! I haven't given a chance to multiple choices becasue i didn't knew my blog is worth it! now i realize it's a mistake, hehehe