Well I dont know how many of them really read (or liked) my Mr. God story. But I noticed there are quite few hindi words in it. So for people who don't know Hindi, I have translated few hindi words into English here. So I request you to have this manual with you before reading that story.

1. Yaar – literally means friend, here in north india that word is used more often when ppl talk among themselves (like machi in tamil)
2. suno tho – listen
3. nahi – no
4. Acha – okay
5. baba – well, something like honey, darling, (it’s more recently created word and doesn’t have any valid meaning to it)
6. maf kardo na yaar, mein kaan pakadlu – forgive me, can I hold my ears ? (People generally hold their ears to ask for forgiveness)
7. Koi zaroorat nahi – not needed
8. Arey, suntheho, kya ho such hein jo mein suna Mr. God eventkae barae mein – Eh, listen, is it true that I heard, about the Mr. God event
9. Ah ah, ho such hain, tho kya hai yaar – Yes, yes, it’s true, so what ?
10.Tum pagal hochukae ho – You are mad
11.Mein eh sab sunkae, itna depressed hokae, aap ko eh sab batanae keliyae dhodkae ahrahihoon, magar aap tho eha aisae laitae huvaen hai aisi ki aapnae pehalaehi contest mein jeet gaya jaisa ? – after hearing all this, I was so depressed and I came running to tell you all this, but you are relaxing here as if you have already won the contenst
12.Aray yaar, tum tho kamakam parishan horahi ho – Eh, you are worrying without any purpose or wasting your time in worrying
13.Bas karo yaar – Stop It
14.Acha acha, teek teek hai, bas karo – ok ok, ok, ok, stop it
15.Ah ji aap kya kar rahe hain, aap ko kisnae bola eh sara kam karnae keliyae, ah, aap ko tho aaram karna chahiyae na, bicharae aap kitna patlae hochukae hai – Eh, what are you doing, who told you to do all this works, you should infact now relax, poor man you’ve become so lien
16.Aa ji kya hua aapko, harvakth aap koya koya rahatae ho, kya legae app, kuch thanda ya garam ? – Sir, what happened to you, every time you seem to be day dreaming or lost in your own world, what will you have, hot or cold ?
17.Yaar, sab tho teek hai, magar, tumae lagta hai, mein Mr. God contest mein jeet saktha hoon – friend, everything is ok, but do you think I am gonna win Mr. God contest ?
18.Mera pyara pati dev – my dear husband
19.Aishwarya Rai, Kajol – famous bollywood actress (beautiful)
20.Merae ladla – my son
21.Ma, mujhe tho bilkul bhook nahi lagrahe hai, mein kya karoon – mother, I’m not at all feeling hungry, what can I do ?
22.Aa ji sir, kya hal hai, aaj istaraf kaisae ahna hua – yes sir, how are you? How come you find this way today ?


Admirable Existence said...

Good job.
I think you can write a book "Blogin Vazhiyaaga Hindi Baashai" similar to "30 Naatkalil Hindi Baasahai"

Delhi_tamilan said...

Hehehehe, Acutally I had to write this story for a North Indian friend here, so inorder to make the reader more intersted, had to use quite few hindi words and also include few instances which matches with the reader's personality!